We look forward to providing a safe and enjoyable movie going experience for you!
Due to social distancing, there are some changes to our operating procedures. Please scroll down to review the changes.

Weekend Feature

Starts Thursday, October 22, 2020

  • Thursday, October 22 at 7:00pm

    Saturday, October 24 at 7:00pm

    All Seats $5.00 - Cash preferred
    Free passes cannot be accepted at this time.

    The box office opens at 6:15
    Please note: We do not offer advance ticket sales.

  • Dr. Frankenstein dares to tamper with life and death by creating a human monster out of lifeless body parts.

  • Genre:    Drama / Horror / Romance

    Rating:   Rated "Passed"

    Length:  70 min.

New Penn Theatre procedures for Covid-19

  • If you are not feeling well or you have been in contact with others who may be ill, we ask that you refrain from attending a movie showing.
  • Masks must be properly worn at all times unless you are ACTIVELY eating or drinking.
    • Even when you are seated, please keep your mask on - covering both your nose and mouth.
  • Please observe proper social distancing while waiting outside. The pavement has been marked and the line forms around the side of the building.
  • Purchasing tickets and concessions
    • Both tickets and concessions are now purchased at the box office window. Please be prepared when you get to the window so that we can serve you quickly.
    • Maximum occupancy is limited to 80 patrons and we have created safely spaced seating sections
    • Purchase your tickets - you will be required to choose your seating section.
    • Order your concessions - please review the list before you get to the front of the line.
    • This will be your only opportunity to order concessions.
  • Entry
    • All persons in your party must be present before entering.
    • We cannot hold tickets for late arrivals.
    • Upon entry, you can pick up your concessions at the designated station.
    • Proceed directly to your assigned seating section using the appropriate aisle.
    • Seats banded with yellow tape are not to be used.
  • While you are in the building
    • There is no lingering in the lobby.
    • If you leave the building, re-entry is not allowed.
    • Only one person is permitted in the restroom at a time with a maximum of two waiting outside the restroom using proper social distancing. If you notice that the maximum number of people are waiting, we ask that you please return to your seat.
  • After the movie
    • Please help us keep the Penn clean. Please DO NOT leave cups, bags or candy containers on the floor or in the cup holders. We ask that you kindly deposit your trash in the cans conveniently located near each exit.
    • At the conclusion of the show, please exit through the back doors.
  • Persons not abiding by these policies will be asked to leave - no refunds.

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